RSD Message


Dr. Chitra Joshi

Regional Director, South and Vidarbha Zones
Zee Learn Limited, Essel Group

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” - Albert Einstein

The world is changing at an accelerated rate and we as educators need to pause and reflect on the entire system of education. Our mission at Zee Learn to provide an outstanding education and inspiring our students to engage in both academic and enriching extra- curricular programmes. We aim at sharpening of skills and enhancement of knowledge base in our students through various extra-curricular, co-curricular and curricular activities. Teaching fraternity at Mount Litera Zee Schools, not only keep themselves at par with the current developments but also contribute to the expansion of the body of knowledge in their field of expertise. Our students set high expectations for themselves, enjoy school and the community is constantly rewarded by their achievements.

I am sure that the students who walk into the portals of our institutions would cherish the memories of their Alma Mater and step out well-groomed to face the challenges of life. We take our children through ethos of moral values and principles leading to a culture of thinking, reflection, resilience and independence, always being focused upon developing the whole child into a true Indian and tomorrow’s international citizen with the commitment to become “Moral and intellectual Leaders, People of Dignity, Integrity and Compassion who want to make a Positive difference in the World.”
With a promise of Kaizen...

- Dr. Chitra Joshi